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Concerning Prices, Rates and Fees

How much do you charge? An important question to be certain. Imagine walking into a car dealership and asking how much do you charge for a car? They charge different amounts based upon the particular type of car. Mileage, options etc.

Our rates and fees are based upon the type of website or development your looking for, not a one size fits all approach. With that being said our development fees typically range from $995 to $2495. Maybe you think that's low, maybe you think that's high or maybe you think that's just right. We've been accused of all three. Which leads us to believe our rates are fair and inline with our market position and value of our work.

There are entry level businesses/students/second cousin who's good on the computer, that will build for much less and enterprise level companies who are geared towards building large scale projects who charge much more. We are in the middle. We can handle good size sites and projects and first time start-ups looking for professional level quality and service.

For an exact quote on your project please go here to fill out a quote request or call 585.329.2431 M-F 8am to 5pm. We pack as much value as we can into our prices. To learn about what we include in our fees go here.

As a final note concerning prices for development, we typically split the development fee over 3 disbursements thru-out the timeline of the project with the final disbursement being due upon launch of the site.